I’m fairly certain there’s a real difference in rest from exhaustion and the practice of rest. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is — and maybe tonight isn’t the time for me to explore it as fully as I would like.

My friend once taught in a Sunday School class that she just had to rest after describing a day of work that would felled a giant. It seemed that she couldn’t allow herself to rest until she’d worked herself into an all out state of exhaustion.

I think it might have a little to do with the idea of giving ourselves permission to rest. It’s a lesson I continue to learn.

No, the dishes don’t have to be done before I fall into bed, if I’m really tired.

No, all the work being done isn’t a prerequisite finding a warm cup of tea and a few moments to reflect.

I’ll keep trying to see how I can write about this and think about this. But for now I’ll enjoy my day of rest. ❤