The Again in Hunger

I’m working away this afternoon and realize that I’m really hungry. I went into the kitchen only to discover that I left my waffle I left in the toaster.

No wonder.

I constantly have to feed myself and Keck and anyone else that’s here at dinnertime.

As it turns out new kitchen gadgets make me think my cooking skills are lacking. And, they’re seriously tripping me up.

I tried to cook a pork butt in my air fryer, it was beautiful on the outside — raw on the inside. Alas, my air fryer only heats up for 30 minutes at a time and turning it on 8 times didn’t work out so well. Apparently it cools down and heats back up way too much.

Then tonight, I didn’t make sure the vent was in the right position and the insta-pot failed me. At least this time adding a little water and putting the lid back on means Keck has lunch and we have dinner for tomorrow night. Pie Tap on Doordash to the rescue.

Now to find those instruction manuals. ❤

P.S.: I’m blessed. Thousands of people go hungry every day here in the North Texas area. It’s a soapbox I won’t get off easily. Give as often as you can to the North Texas Food Bank.