I read an article the other day about the brain. I wish I could find the article but I can’t.

The author suggested that we should talk to our brains, and, went so far as to say name our brains. The author called his, George.

When examining thoughts, he said, “George, that’s an interesting thought, but it doesn’t make much sense.” Or, “can you tell me more about that, George?”

It made me laugh. But I thought it was a good way to examine my thoughts.

I wonder what I should call my brain? Maybe Daphne.

“Daphne, why are you ruminating on that? Maybe you should change the subject.?”

“Daphne, why are you being so negative. You are blessed?”

I wonder if it would work. I guess I could experiment on myself and see if I could retrain my lame brain to think better. ❤