Today, my laundry routine as liturgy puttered out.

I don’t want to refold all the clothes, the towels. or, oh goodness, the sheets. I don’t even want to pick up the rugs in the bathroom and through them in to wash.

What happened to my gratitude? It should be at least I didn’t have to haul them to the laundromat. It should be I have money for laundry detergent. It should be that I’m grateful for good clothes that need folding.

I think my issue is that I’m just a little tired. And just a little annoyed that days slip by so fast and there’s not enough time to get everything done AND get a good night’s rest.

But because I’ve piled all the clean laundry on the made bed, I guess I’ll get up and go fold it and refold it and put it away. ❤