The garage was a mess. And, instead of taking away from it we kept adding to it. It was causing parking issues. It was also distressing that one of us would have to stop outside the garage, get out of the car, and rearrange the space, so we could actually park.

On Monday, we had the day off and we, mostly Keck, worked to reorganize the space. We got rid of stuff we don’t use and duplicates. We swept it out and hung up the extra bike.

The very best thing we did was readjust the yellow balls that hang from the ceiling to tell us when to stop. The ball has to kiss the windshield in just the right place to indicate we’re in the garage with room to shut the door. It’s saving our bumpers because I tend to run into the cabinets.

On Saturday, Keck is planning to wire in some lights and a few more plugs. Because we have a whole line of projects waiting to be done and now is the best time of year for me to be out in the yard and garage.

Here’s to parking and reparking a lot easier. ❤