This is an extrapolation of the word admit, which means to concede as true or valid. I have to concede as true or valid that I have to get fit again. I have to readmit.

I have a bunch of excuses. Stress. A shoulder injury. Stress. Traveling. Taking care of someone else. And, left to my own devices I eat ice cream and have shakes and put too much sugar in my coffee.

Now it’s just starting to turn into pure, out-and-out I-don’t-want-to laziness. As I’m uncomfortable in my clothes and don’t have the energy I had when I was more fit and watching what I eat, I’m readmitting that I need to pay better attention.

I’ve tried to jump start my experience but not getting to the gym or finding something to do that’s fun activity is slowly taking its toll on my body.

Time to start adding veg again to my diet and time to not sit around so much. ❤

P.S. I feel like I write about this all the time. It’s likely time to do what I did with this blog. DO IT!