It’s basically good psychology to talk about your problems with someone you trust, but today I realized it was also part of rest.

Even if all someone does is actively listen while you say what’s on your mind, the process is cathartic and allows you to put your feelings into perspective. It helps you trust your own judgement and may even lead to new conclusions and positive actions.

I’m not suggesting that you tell everyone everything all the time. However, creating space for one another is a great gift and can benefit both the listener and the talker. Sometimes the listener needs to feel useful and the talker needs to feel heard. It’s an act of trust to ask someone to listen to you and a precious gift to the person who chooses to listen.

Sometimes even talking to yourself is beneficial. We often say things to ourselves that we would never say to our worst enemy. Saying them out loud helps you hear the negativity and gives you a chance to change what you say to yourself.

Choose to talk it out with a friend. It’s a way to rest that might make you a little more light hearted. ❤