Here we are at the beginning of a new week ready to set sail on a week of rest and relaxation.

As we prepare for the journey, I’m reminded of an article I read last week. Americans are really bad at taking vacation. And, not just really bad actually one of the worst in the world. Take a look.

We won’t even talk about how much maternity leave women in other well-to-do countries get while many American women get very little time.

Its sacrilegious.



Working for an international organization has taught me a lot about vacationing. Many countries have statutory vacation leave starting at at least six days. Americans have ZERO mandatory days of vaction. With no regulation for vacation leave those 10 days of mandated holiday time seem paltry.

It’s no wonder that with the 24-hour connection to the internet and news and work our capitalist, only-the-hardest-workers are successful culture is destroying our health, wellness, and mental well-being.

While we’re away, I’ll shake out the cobwebs a little, try to get some fresh air, move more, eat well. I’m hoping to return a little better me. ❤