The National Institute of Health has recommended daily nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and protein. When we exceed these or don’t get enough of these our bodies suffer. Yet, I know I exceed the daily recommended allowance of many things, including sugar and carbohydrates.

They sometime keep me in bondage. They’re hard to give up.

As I’m reading Consider the Birds by Debbie Blue, she talks about the quail. Especially the quail in Numbers 11. You know, where the Israelistes get tired of eating manna and tell God that they had it better back in Egypt and they want meat.

And, I get it.

I know sugar is bad for me and too many carbohydrates make my stomach hurt. Yet, I crave them and want them more often than not. These bad-for-me foods keep me from feeling my best and contribute to other problems.

Like the Israelites, I want what I had back in Egypt when my 19-year-old body could process these things way faster than my current body.

Likely if I got so sick of it, it came out of my nose, I would still want it. What makes you exceed your recommended daily allowance? ❤