Has someone else ever been in your head? Someone that doesn’t deserve to be there? Someone not authorized, or so you think, to have a no-cost lot in your head?

As I’ve gone through my emails and all my subscriptions lately, I’ve been thinking about this. Who have I authorized to be in my inbox? Who needs a reauthorization?

Not long ago, I was in a situation in which I gave a specific person space in my head.

Then things took a turn, and I was in a position of equal power. There was a moment or two when I should have noticed that the tables were turning. It should have been the time she pretended to not see me at a conference, it was blatant and purposeful.

I knew the tables had turned when in a New York airport she saw me and turned around the complete other way — and I realized that she was no longer in my head — I was in hers. She wasn’t authorized and she wasn’t likely getting another a reauthorization.

I had taken the high road, and I think it completely baffled her.

I learned from that experience. I can either let someone have free space and my time and energy, or I can choose to evict them. After all I’m not who she says I am.

I am who God says I am.

It showed me that I need good role models. And there are plenty of them. Many of you actually read this blog. ❤