My mom gave me the word for today, when she asked me why, after reading scripture for years, that she saw something completely new.

I told her I think it’s because scripture is like a gem, with many facets. One day you read it and you see something clearly and the next time you read it another facet is opened up to you.

I think that’s because scripture, as living word, is like the palindrome in my car. You may read it or experience it at the beginning of the mile but at the end of the mile you’re in a completely different place, things have changed. And, you can see things completely differently.

I think back to what I learned from Lectio Divina, and how simply re-reading and slowly consuming the words of scripture help me see it in different ways. Lectio Divina usually takes place in one sitting. But seeing things differently can happen over time, over many readings.

Scripture is new and exciting, sharper than a two-edged sword, challenging, and inspiring no matter when you read it or how often you consumes its pages. ❤