Sometimes life is strange and surprising.

Coincidentally, while our drain was being installed in the yard, our air conditioning stopped working. We called the repairman. A great guy who quickly figured out that it was the thermostat, and that our personal home repairman, Keck, could easily install it.

We went to the Home Depot, five blocks away for our third trip of the day, and purchased a replacement high-tech thermostat. While we watched the clerk get the $200 thermostat out of a locked cabinet. I insisted that we get the one in the wrapped package, not the opened package.

We get home and Keck gets immediately ready to install the thermostat. This is going to be easy, and the 87 degrees will soon give way to a cooler 75.

“Where’s the receipt?” Keck says.

Me, “Huh?”

He comes into the dining room and shows me the contents of the box.

A few pieces of styrofoam and a black piece of granite rock are all that the box contains.

Back to Home Depot.

They refunded our rock and we got another smart thermostat.

We used our phone a friend, and by the time he got here, Keck had figured out that our air conditioning system isn’t as smart as we thought it was. So, he went back to Home Depot and purchased another thermostat — a dumb one.

We’re now cool. We’ll have to get another refund for the one that didn’t work. Happy Friday. ❤