Sunday, fun day, right?

My activity counter on my iWatch lapped itself, maybe twice. We were up and out by 7:45 a.m., grabbed a breakfast, as we looked at each other and said things like, “I don’t want to admit this but I may be too old for this stuff.” “I cannot feel my fingers.” “Don’t make me do another lunge.”

We actually made it to church.

We’ve likely made half a dozen or more trips to DIY stores we should have bought stock in long ago.

But now the 16 ft x 16 ft ugly deck is gone and we’ve recovered at least half the house from the dust bomb from last weekend.

The carpet fiasco is only a week behind schedule. It’s being installed tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.

I can’t help but feel blessed beyond measure. Even though we’re tired and ready to crawl into clean sheets, God gave us the ability, time, and money to do things to this house. Soon we will gather a few friends and have a dinner together.

Dust free, of course. ❤