I know, right?


But honey.

Yep, the sweet stuff I put in my tea is nothing more than regurgitation, done right inside a bee.

Not long ago I read  Margaret Feinberg’s, “Scouting the Divine: My search for God in wine, wool, and wild honey.” It’s a fascinating read.

Feinberg’s inquisitive, adventuresome spirit is refreshing. And, she brings this to her writing. She spent an afternoon with a beekeeper named, Gary. Who took her through all the processes of how bees make honey and store it in beeswax hives.

This video from livesciene.com explains the process way better than I can.

When I think about honey, I’m also reminded of learning this song — sung straight out of our King James Bible versions. It’s Psalm 19.

More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.

Psalm 19:10, King james version

The verse is talking about the laws of the Lord a perfect, sweeter than honey in the honeycomb.

Regurgitation seems right and just when you’re talking about the guidance the Lord gives for righteouse living. His laws need a process for digesting and getting into our heads and hearts. As the process continues they become sweeter with all the fanning and reprocessing.

They become etched into us, part of us. They provide sustenance in the winter and feed the entire hive. God’s word becomes sustenance for us and feeds us during difficult times and good days.

Regurgitation resembles the enzymatic process that gets the word into our hearts and minds.

Who knew something so gross could be so beautiful? ❤

Enjoy this scripture song.