Tonight, I’m a bit restrained in my reword. I don’t know why I want to hold back, keep silent, restrain my communication.

I think it may have to do with a new project I’m getting involved with to help asylum seekers who come to Dallas on a 13-hour bus ride from El Paso. I’m trying to process what it would be like to flee everything you know and love, with little more than the clothes on your back, the child or children by your side.

It must be unbelievably heart-rending. Difficult.

Jesus the Christ and his parents fled Bethlehem to protect the savior’s life from King Herod’s violence, Joseph allowed his brothers to immigrate during the time of famine. The bible is very clear about how we’re to welcome the stranger.

Yet, we hold back, restrain ourselves from lavishing on these heartbroken people because we mistakenly believe that there’s not enough. That we don’t live in a land of unspeakable abundance, that we don’t believe that through our sharing we can see the hand of God and feel his presence close enough. That our needs will also be met.

God is who he says he is. He’ll do what he says he’ll do for us and the least of these.

I’ll hold back a little tonight while I ponder the blessings of the Lord and figure out what I can give. ❤