As you know, I’m a Jane Austen fan. A Jane-ite.

Currently, I’m rocking my “Obstinate, headstrong girl” t-shirt and I just finished watching the Lifetime Channel’s rendition of Pride and Prejudice Atlanta. I know the story so well that when I see these remakes I’m always comparing them to the book itself.

I loved the idea of different take and the actors Tiffany Hines, who plays Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet, and Juan Antonio, who portrays Mr. Darcy. The story was more of a modern retelling and less a BBC literal interpretation of Jane’s work.

It’s an enjoyable evening of entertainment.

One of my favorites is Bride and Prejudice, a 2004 Bollywood-style rendition of the 1813 story. The music is fantastic and the song “No life without wife” can get stuck in your head. And, is just too much fun.

Another fun take is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Everything’s a little more intense when the the living dead are also involved.

New this year is a book called Ayesha at Last. It’s billed as “a modern-day Muslim Pride and Prejudice for a new generation of love.” I cannot wait to read this one. You know it’s already on my reading list. ❤