It’s our summer guilty pleasure: American Ninja Warrior.

Never ones to watch in real time we sometimes (when we’re behind) binge watch. We caught up tonight.

The thing about it is it’s often quite inspirational.

From stories about overcoming poverty and homelessness, to dog rescuers, to working with and for children with alopecia, the stories behind the ninjas are compelling.

Tonight, I was especially inspired by a former marine and now single mother who worked to finish the course for single mothers everywhere. We cheered and nearly cried when she didn’t “beat that wall.” The wall is a warped wall that reaches 14.5 feet in the air.

Because they are running a promo for an upcoming movie about pets, tonight we saw dogs compete on the warped wall. We nearly fell off the sofa laughing when one smart canine took the stairs and skipped the wall entirely.

The show inspires me because these are normal people, competing for prizes and bragging rights. Makes me often wonder what kind of feats I could accomplish if I stopped watching and started doing more.

Yet, I’m not sure what I could do to get that strong or what it would take encourage me try such feats. I’m sure I just haven’t found my thing, yet. ❤