Today in the sense that spring has sprung again.

As I wrote this I was reminded of a little book I’ve had since college. The dog-eared pages are falling out and the encouragement it gave me still makes me smile. It was orignally published in 1939. My copy was republished in 1968.

Here;s my copy of Springs in the Valley by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman.

For some reason, Lettie Burd Cowman chose to publish under her deceased husband’s name. Some suggest she was concealing her identity. Some might consider her writings a bit old-fashioned.

Her devotion on August 24 has stuck with me. It opens with the KJV scripture: “Gideon threshed wheat … And the angel of the LORD … said unto him, The LORD is with thee.” (Judges 6:11,12)

When you’re seeking your place in the world, knowing God is with you is sacred. I sometimes replace Gideon with myself … Kris enrolled students, Kris wrote press releases, Kris waited … The LORD is with her.

That gives me springs of hope again. ❤