It’s a constant struggle to keep up with the sheer amount of paper that comes into my house. Not to mention the pieces of paper I cannot bear to toss out. Mainly because they have all my sophmoric ideas from grade school, countless articles from work projects, silly musings, earnest poems.

Keck pulled down a box from the top of our closet. I went through it for about the hundredth time. I went through it and finally just put the lid back on it. Asked Keck to put it back up. It was all stuff we want to keep. We just don’t have enough storage.

Yet, I could do something about all the owner’s manuals.

I used the Goggle to search for an app that would help me control all owners’ manuals we had. I found an app called Sortly.

It’s a good app for connecting you back to a browser where Google helps you search for your owners’ manual and saves your stuff in folders and tags. Plus, it scans barcodes and puts your newest purchases right in with purchase dates, warranty info and tons of other stuff.

You can take that as my tip for the day.

Now my recycling bin is full and my closet is organized. ❤