I received a text today from my friend, Sheri, who injured her knee.

She had an appointment with a clinic for an MRI, and with her current insurance she was expecting a copay. When her husband took her to the appointment, she was told what the copay was: $1,000.

Sheri’s knee is all braced up. She still needs an MRI and possible surgery. Thanks friend for taking this and letting me use it here on TotallyKris.com.

“The words that dropped out of my mouth,” Sheri said.

“Then,” she said, “the Holy Spirit said, ‘re-establish yourself quickly!’

“You know the RE made me giggle. I re-established myself right back to the car and told Marque take me home.”

Isn’t it like the Holy Spirit to get a dislocated attitude back in place?. He gets us back inbounds and helps us re-establish a good attitude. Thanks, Sheri, for letting me share. ❤