Several years ago, in the same Colorado ballroom, I met a woman, I’ll call, Margaret.

Margaret and I connected on a very real level about our disappointment over not having children. She is a bit younger than I. Yet, I was struck by her real struggle. The struggle of her husband to accept alternatives to a child of their own.

I could connect with her because she worked for an eldercare organization when we were looking for alternative options for my mother-in-law. She helped me.

When I returned home, I wrote Margaret’s name in the blank pages of my Bible. Every time I prayed through these notes I would remember her. Ask the Lord to help.

I caught up with her today. In the same Colorado ballroom. Told how I had been praying for her.

This time she was beaming. She and her husband had began the process to become foster parents. We hugged. And smiled. It was a happy moment.

You never know who you’ll meet. Oftentimes, you never get to connect again with people God’s laid on your heart to pray for. Only Heaven knows the outcomes of most prayers. I was so blessed to reconnect with Margaret today.

I’ll continue to pray for her and others who the Lord brings into my path. Who knows when we’ll reconnect again. ❤