Play or die.

The speaker, Shimi Kang, MD, said that play is essential not only for children but us adults. Play develops our neuroplasticity and leads to adaptibility, positivity, and diversity.

It helps us think with our head, heart, and gut.

Interesting words following a Sunday morning hike up to Seven Falls.

Keck and I took in the beauty of the partially frozen, tumbling water. Mountains kissed the sky. Sunshine dappled huge pine tree shadows on the side of a mountain.

And, I was struck by the comfort and consolation in the cleft of rock.

I can only share it in a few pictures. Enjoy the hike. ❤

Photo credit: Keck.
Pretty sure that’s the sames series of rocks where my dad slid into the falls back when we first came to Colorado. Water runing through the ice and snow. Amazing icicles. Photos: Me.
A bird. While this is not the Stellar Jay I saw, I’m still searching for wha this one is.

Mountains kissing the sky.