Today was my yearly dermatologist visit.

With skin as fair as mine these are required. Spots that have been examined in the past were examined, again. Reexamined and removed.

Examine me, and probe my thoughts!
Test me, and know my concerns!
 See if there is any idolatrous tendency in me,
and lead me in the reliable ancient path!

Psalm 139:23-24, NET

I was reminded that during Lent, I need to examine my life.

That’s not necessarily easy to do. It seems as though, as with my skin, when you’re looking you find something amiss. Something that needs more attention, a special ointment, a biopsy — which is simply a closer examination.

When we examine our lives we find we need help. We need scripture. We need friends. We need love. We need grace. We discover that we’re in deep need.

We need Jesus the Christ.

As Lent progresses, I’ll continue to reexamine my life. I’m sure I have idolatrous tendencies. Yet, my prayer and hope is for the reliable ancient path. ❤