The Sabbath is for you and me and everyone.

But it’s just like us humans to take something that was meant for our good, our pleasure, our senses and turn it into drudgery and depression. To try to legalize it and legislate the joy right out of it.

Sit in piety and darkness. Make the rules so hard that you can set yourself up on a pedestal and tell yourself you’re more godly than anyone else, that you can follow the impossible rules.

This is to remember the Sabbath, to make it holy by drudgery and rules?


Sabbath was made for JOY. Rest was meant for our good. Don’t forget.

“God says: Please don’t [forget]. It is a waste of a tremendous gift I have given you. If you knew the value of your life, you would not waste a single breath. So I give you this commandment: Remember to rest. This is not a lifestyle suggestion, but a commandment — as important as not stealing, not murdering, or not lying.” says Wayne Muller in Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives.

Muller emphasizes over and over again, that Sabbath is given to us to help us discover the joy, pleasure, sensuality, gifts, comforts, and love that surrounds this day of rest.

Remember. Remember to rest. ❤