Happy New Year!

I say it all the time for everyone’s birthday. Why?

Because your birthday is your own personal New Year. It’s your time to start another year around the sun.

My birthday is the day I pick to set new goals, evaluate how I’m doing, and speculate about what I need to do in the future.

Today, though I am happy to be 39 days into my #365agains for 2019 and to be writing every day. It’s probably the only thing I started at the first of the year ever.

Now though the resetting gets a little harder. I recently addressed a problem I had been having with my feet. I have a super high arch and one trip to the podiatrist was literally life-changing. Who knew that metatarsal support behind the ball of your feet would make your shoes more comfortable?

And the extra pounds I’m carrying around needs a lifestyle overhaul like you cannot believe.

I also still need to finish some swimming lessons and practice my French and piano.

But right now, tonight, cake. ❤

Buttercream frosting from my Keck.