Every week I have to do it again.

I always try to figure out a way to get it all done. Yet, short of sitting around in the all together, that will never happen.

Somehow I always manage to forget a load. In the dryer, in the washer, unwashed altogether. You would think I wouldn’t.

Forgetting it in the washer is the worst. Did I leave it long enough that it’s smelly? What combination of detergent and rewashing will get out the smell? Can I just dry it?

And, sometimes the washer itself needs some maintenance. That’s pretty cool because the washer repairman comes.

I’ve been having an affair with the washer repairman for 26+ years. He’s always reliable. 🙂

At lunch today, my friend Michelle shared with me how she practices 100 blessings. As a Jew she says blessings over everything. I asked if there was a blessing for laundry. Thinking if I could start blessing the laundry, I might not be so quick to curse it.

I’ve read in the scripture instances in which the Lord actually commands the priests and people of Israel to wash their clothes.

Maybe thinking about the laundry as sacred could be life changing. I have beautiful, well-working, modern appliances. The washer spins the clothes nearly dry, and the dryer senses when the clothes are dry and shuts off with a cutesy little melody.

I have clean water to wash them in and I don’t have to go outside in the heat of summer or the cold of winter to hang them on a line.

The laundry as a sacred gift I can give to my family. Now that’s an again that can make me smile. #preachingtomyself