Literally, to see again.

And, since 2018 is now firmly in the rear view mirror, I’m taking a peek back at a couple of goals and sharing where I am now.

In 2017, Keck and I went on a cruise and tried something called “snuba” a low-depth cross between scuba diving and snorkeling. We learned several lessons from that experience, and I determined that I would begin swimming as exercise.

I began 2018 with four adult swimming lessons and swam for exercise until I injured my shoulder. Yet, that didn’t stop me from snorkeling in Roatan for the first time ever.

I’ll never forget it. I jumped into the ocean and believed in the physics of saltwater. I breathed hard. I floated. I swam in the ocean. It was quite a moment.

I also promised myself that I would submit a full book proposal — for a book about agains. While I’m still awaiting the results, there was something about the aim, fire, ready approach that unstuck me.

After all, the publisher can only tell me no and I’ll have the experience of actually submitting a proposal. The next time won’t be so hard.

For the “big, hairy, audacious goal,” aka BHAG, I attempted reading 100 books. Thinking if I aimed for nothing, I would surely hit it.

I read 43 books.

I learned so much. I read about the periodic table, radium and the women who painted dials, Jane Austen retellings, and translated stories. I discovered new authors that I’ll definitely read again and a few that once was all I could take.

You can check out my reading list on Goodreads.

While I didn’t make the BHAG, I read more books in a year since I participated in the Guthrie Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.

Now on into 2019.