365 Again Words: {Re}start

In September 2018, I heard Noah Scalin speak on the Art of Innovation. To challenge his ability to perpetually create and to make a practice of doing innovation every day, Noah set about creating skull-a-day designed from found objects and published them immediately.

I thought: If he can design a skull every day — I can write about one again word.

For years, I’ve been examining closely the prefix “re.” As you know, the prefix is Latin and it literally means “back” or “again.” I’ve been working on a book and have even submitted a proposal to a publisher.

Yet, When a writer friend of mine published a book in late December she said the book was 10 years in the making. Which actually made me feel a little better about taking so long to put my thoughts together. I’ve been working on this for about seven years.

Maybe 2019 is the year that I create 365 again words that mean something to me. Keep me accountable?