My to-read list

Goodreads has been my go to social media for a while. It’s shows what’s new, tells me what my friends are reading, and highlights authors I follow. I stalk it more than Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s a joy to see what my friends are reading, what they’re highlighting on kindle, and aspire too.

Usually, I read five to six books at a time, switching between nonfiction, fiction, biography, science, business, marketing, and all things Jane Austen. When it comes to reading, I’m definitely easily distracted. Take my latest diversion: The Jane Austen Diet.

Filled with great tongue-in-cheek advice on how Regency era women used food for strength and energy is fun. The author, Bryan Kozlowski, uses his “lit-wit” talent to describe how Austen used her writing to deliver fundamentally sound diet and nutrition guidance, all while writing fiction.

It’s a fun way to think about eating, even in the 21st Century.

I’ve also been easily distracted by a new author I’ve just discovered, Katherine Reay. I would call her stories Chick Lit. Some suggest that she rolls out the tropes — but she really takes her time drawing flawed heroines who make mistakes that lead to self-discovery. All the stories end happily with the right man, but they are really more than just simply love stories.

In case you think I just read drivel, I’m also reading another book by Debbie Blue, Consider the Women, a book about the matriarchs of the Bible. When I am finished, I plan to write a book review for you.

Funny thing, none of these books are on my To-Read List. As I always say, so many books, so little time. ❤