Record reading

In 2020, I used the social network, Goodreads, to track my reading. As news about the coronavirus, the election rhetoric, and the constant opportunities to self-isolate and shelter in place orders kept us stuck at home, my natural tendency to read nearly took over.

I read 82 books.

Eighty-two. Books. Twenty-two thousand two hundred sixty-one pages.

While I’ll willingly admit a lot of them were fiction, fluff, entertainment, a lot of them were informative, transformative, authoritative. It’s all here for you to see.

There were many that I wanted to share. Yet, Totally Kris needed a facelift and some help to ensure that it could branch out. Enter, Totally Readable. My new blog strictly for book reviews that follow my quirky reading list. If you like Jane Austen, get stuck in theology, meandering through good literature, perusing good science, and learning about people, places, and things – join me on Goodreads or follow me here.