Mary, mother of God.

Whatever Mary was expecting as a young mother, I suspect it had nothing to do with deliverying a baby in a barn. I’m fairly certain the last thing she expected was to only have Joseph attend her. The bible story leaves so much out. We’re left to wonder what happened.

I wonder about the mess of it.

Who cut the umbilical cord? Was it Joseph a young husband with no knowledge of such things? Did the manger manager help with the birthing? All we know is angels exclaimed to the shepherds and the shepherds found Mary and Joseph and the child God in Bethlehem.

But Mary treasured up all these words, pondering in her heart what they might mean.

Luke 2:19, NET

I’ve wondered this week if she wondered about the other women in Jesus’ lineage and pondered them in her heart. Yet, she stores up what the shepherds say and ponders what they mean.

It must have been an amazing thing to ponder those words. They were another inkling into the strange, mysterious ways that God would save the world.

I wonder if she reflected back on them with Simeon and Anna in the temple.

I wonder what she expected when she had to flee to Egypt to save her son.

I wonder if she reflected back on them when she worried what happened to Jesus when they left to return to Nazareth.

I wonder what she felt when they crucified her baby when he was still a young man.

And, I wonder if the shepherds words prepared her for his resurrection.

Mary, mother of God. ❤