Tradition: An Again That Doesn’t Start With {Re}

Tradition nearly by definition is doing something again.

It’s a continuity of practice, celebration, or ritual. It can be religious or secular, familial or communal. It’s what we do year after year to celebrate the Christmastide.

Some families open gifts on Christmas Eve. Others wait for Santa’s delivery and are awaken early by curious, excited kiddos. Others serve in homeless shelters or work in soup kitchens. Others give to charities.

Whatever you do, it’s good to do it again and again. A way to lay down in your DNA what’s important to you and your family.

Keck and I always do the 12 Days of Christmas. We rarely exchage gifts. We go shopping after the holiday for discounts, and we eat breakfast for dinner on Epiphany. It reminds us that we can celebrate Christmas without all the trappings of materialism.

What’s your tradition? ❤