Repetition is basically repeating. But the root word petition means to make a request. In my mind, then, repetition could mean to request again.

As I think about that on this eleventh day of Readvent, I’m drawn to the idea of praying in color. It’s an idea my friend Kay introduced me to many years ago when she prayed for me in color. It’s a beautiful card, outlining in her own way the issues I was facing at the time. It meant a lot.

She showed me how to do it, and while I’ve not done it a lot recently, I’ve used this tool to pray for others and to bless them for giving to me.

Over at Praying in Color, Sybil Macbeth writes her favorite season is Advent. She doesn’t use a typical Advent calendar, instead she uses a calendar.

“Each day I fill one of the little spaces with my prayers–not just verbal prayers but visual ones. The calendar grows day by day with doodles, drawings, and words–whatever feels right. After four weeks the page is a patchwork quilt of my small, daily efforts to be present with God. This practice feels prayerful and playful,” she says on her site.

She’s created a downloadable PDF for you to practice this method of repetitioning. ❤