Today, was a revelation.

Keck has been talking about N.E.A.T. when it comes to exercise. He kept saying it in relation to working out. I’m struggling with getting to the gym and I keep wanting to cook us better meals and make sure we have good healthy options. After all adulting is really all about the “I have food at home” conversation.

Curious what he meant, I took the time to Google it today.

Here’s what I learned: Daily activity matters way more than I thought it did. It also doesn’t mean the activity I do at the gym.

Building a good lifestyle of whole foods and simple meals along with an active lifestyle is really three-quarters of the battle of weight management.

N.E.A.T. means non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It’s basically the activity you do that burns the calories that you eat. So, a healthy lifestyle is good food and good activity. A stint of torture on an exercise bike can only burn about 45 to 50 calories. But, parking further away and taking the stairs can add to the calories you burn, and doing the laundry, cooking the dinner, all burn calories.

Here’s to better meals and moving more throughout the day. This will make my life better. And, I learned something on my day of rest. ❤