I hear you whisper underneath your breath
I hear your SOS, your SOS

Rescue, Lauren daigle

I’m inspired again today by a friend’s post on social media. Billie Kay shared this beautiful artist and song today.

I often feel like I need to be rescued again and again.

According to Etomonline, the word stems from the Old French word rescorre, which means to protect, keep safe; free, deliver. It can also mean to cast off or shake off. And shaking something off might actually make it as it was once again.

I’ve had to be rescued again and again. Mainly from my own mistakes and my own missteps. I remember my dad coming to my rescue for flat tires and empty gas tanks. I’ve sometimes had to rescue myself and others. And we rescued Macy, our late golden retriever.

Enjoy this song today, and know that you can be rescued any time by sending out a prayerful SOS. ❤