I don’t take a tumble often. But when I do it’s usually a doozy. 

Once I fell while mopping the floor in the kitchen. Keck was at work, and I had to call him to come home because I hit the back of my head. The soles of my shoes were not good for mopping, they both slipped at the same time and I ended up flat on my back with the wind knocked out of me.

I took a tumble yesterday, again.

This time I was taking the laundry out to my mom’s garage where the washer and dryer live. I was standing on the top step when my left shoe went one way and my foot another and the broom fell across my path. I’m pretty sure I did a toe loop.

Fortunately I landed on the sheets I was carrying and the fat part of my hip. I managed to miss the car and the freezer.

It happened so fast.

Today, every time I move I feel it. And I’m reliving the fall every single time. ❤