Remarkable means worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.

Today marks the end of nine months of this blog. I find that both uncommon and extraordinary.

  1. I’ve discovered that I really can write every day. My thoughts may be discombobulated or incomplete or imperfect but they’re written down. And if writers write, I’m a writer.
  2. Practice really does make perfect or at least better. Practice is an again that doesn’t start with “re” but it’s a real again that spills over into other areas of my life and allows me to be more creative.
  3. While I don’t have a huge Facebook or blog following, I find myself writing for two likes a day from two dear friends that encourage me. Lynn and Billie Kay make me smile every single day. I’m grateful for they are faithful.
  4. Agains are every where. They are in unexpected encounters and in unplanned meetings. They pop up on business telephone calls and in volunteer meetings. We do things again, experience things again, blessed again and again. They’re present if I just look for them, count them.
  5. Counting the agains overwhelms me with gratitude.

Who knew that a WordPress account and a Facebook page would be the first of many little steps to me finding my voice and finding my unique perspective? ❤