As you know, I’m staying with my mom while she recuperates from knee replacement surgey. This is a repeat of what we did about nine months ago.

To help keep the swelling down we’re using an “ice” machine that circulates icy water through a hose to a pad that goes on her knee. The cold helps control pain and swelling.

Last time we didn’t have this fancy machine because it cost $200 plus. We used ice packs that my mom pre-bought and I ordered two more from Amazon. I recirculated the ice packs. A little less effective than the magic machine that pumps the recirculated icy water through the pad, but it was a lot less messy.

My brother found the fancy gadget at a garage sale for $5. Yet, I have to keep running to “town” to get bags of ice at $2 a bag. Pound the bags on the sidewalk to get the ice to break up and cramming the machine together to get it to work.

Enter the plumber.

Because apparently when you have knee replacement surgery your oven burns up, your antenna gets blinky, and your washer backs up.

He said, “When Debbie had her knee replaced she went to Wal-Mart before and bought a case of water. She put those in the freezer and then placed them inside the machine and filled it up with water. Worked like a charm. No bags of ice.”

I hightailed it to Wal-Mart.

Now, I’m recirculating the icy water using the 20-ounce frozen bottles of water. ❤