Retrieve means to go back and get something.

Golden Retrievers do this naturally. Our Goldens, Frasier and Macy, would bring us all kinds of things.

Going back to the store to get groceries. Going back to retrieve my keys or my reading glasses or my reading glasses’ case or going to get something and forgetting what it is. I retrieve things all the time.

It’s how databases work. You collect the information and then you’re supposed to be able to retrieve it in formats and reports that make sense. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes people create spreadsheets in addition to the database. The issue with that is human error and inaccuracies.

It’s not real time and the information can become corrupted. In some cases, it can become useless. Yet, reports are complicated and difficult to create and we have a natural tendency to resist these things.

Margaret Feinberg sent an email today to her followers. Margaret took a 6-year-old to a Chuck E. Cheese to retrieve her winsomeness. There’s probably something spiritual I need to retrieve too. It’s stored in the same place and doesn’t become corrupted by human error.

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Retrieve! ❤