My birthday is months away, but I already know what I want.

A bow and arrows and a target.

Archery is a pastime of both men and women in the Regency Era, that era in which Jane Austen was a writer. When I was in elementary school our Physical Education teachers taught us every sport there was. From bowling to archery to wrestling to golf to badmiton. You get the picture

While I wasn’t very coordinated I learned I liked a lot of different things. And, when I remembered I like archery, I thought I’d check into it. Turns out it’s a fairly inexpensive sport that is relaxing and fun.

All you need is a simple recurve bow and a few arrows (for me the expert recommended junior arrows — I guess I have to start somewhere). A target helps and a place to practice. There are even leagues that I can join.

I cannot wait to get started. But these are goals for 2020. I’m looking forward to it. #Goals. ❤