I woke up this morning with one very clear thought. Unusual for me, since you know as well as I, that I wake up all blurry-eyed and discombobulated.

But the echo was clear.

But you’ve been given more than one.

My one clear, cogent thought this morning, August 23, 2019

A couple of Sunday’s ago the pastor preached on the story of the talents from the book of Matthew. I tucked it away and didn’t think much of it, until I was talking about my life, and writing.

I often operate under the mistaken impression that my job is my identity. This fact came out the other day when we were talking about some goals I have. I think I must have a good living over joy in what I’m doing. And I get stuck in a one track version of who I am and what my talents are.

I’ve been given more than one — and I get to choose to use them all. You’ve likely been given more than one, too. Let that echo in your heart a bit. Let my one cogent thought resonate with you.

You’ve been given more than one. And you can re-envision your life. ❤