Last night, we talked about nostalgia.

Restorative nostalgia can be a bad thing — because it keeps us stuck in the past. Wanting what was back in Egypt. But, reflective nostalgia is a kind of fondness for what was past.

Something we can nod toward, appreciate, and realize is completely gone.

I got a little taste of reflective nostalgia tonight at a prayer service. The pastor talked about Korean churches praying out loud and being so excited to do it they’d get up early in the morning to pray together at church.

As we geared up to try this three minute experiment — I had to laugh. I grew up in a praying-out-loud church. I could remember when you got my great-granny, my grandmother, and mother and the whole congregation crying out to God. It was quite a cacophony.

It was in the past, a fond memory. I wouldn’t want to go back there. Not because it wasn’t wonderful having my granny and my grandmother together or being a little girl in a pray-out-loud-church.

But God may want to do a new think now in church that wants to experiment with different prayer practices.<3