Tonight I cooked dinner after Keck and I ran to pick up the dry cleaning and some medicine. It being so light and bright this time of year, I wore my sunglasses on our short trip.

I made a veg and steak one pan on the stove.

Most of the veg was frozen but I had two imperfect yellow squash. I chopped them up and scooped them into the pan with the juice of one lime.

I put my glasses on to see what I was doing. Stirred the pot and put on the lid.

About halfway through that process, I kept looking at the contents of the pot, thinking to myself, why am I not seeing these any better?

I pulled them off and realized I had mistaken the sunglasses on the top of my head with my reading glasses.

Dinner looked a lot better through the lenses of my readers than through the sunglasses I was using.

To see clearly you sometimes have to have the right eyewear. You may have to give up what you think is a good thing, for the true thing. ❤