I saw a friend post on Facebook once that the dry cleaners in the opposite direction from which he often travelled was cheaper. It was basically the same distance but he never went that way.

Today, I had the same problem.

The cheapest, best dry cleaners is in the opposite direction of the path I normally take to anywhere. In Dallas traffic it can sometimes be 30 to 45 minutes to drive there and pick up the laundry and return home. Somedays, I don’t have that much time yet I need the laundry done.

I decided to stop at the new dry cleaners on my route. They wanted an unbelievable price per shirt and it would take an extra day to get the laundry back. Closer didn’t mean more convenient.

While I didn’t go all the way back to the normal dry cleaner, I did try again at another, closer-to-home spot, that was a little more expensive but definitely closer to home.

I guess you could say it was a “middle ground” for distance, cost, and time. ❤