It’s a mess. A huge mess.

When I called today to check on the progress of receiving the carpet for the den and getting it installed, I was floored (pardon the pun) to learn that our selection was on back order, and wouldn’t arrive until mid-July. It was supposed to arrive a couple of days ago and be installed this week.

The den is scattered about the house.

The dust disaster from yesterday is still being sucked up (thanks to an expensive new vacuum), swept up, sneezed at, washed up …

Reassembling the den is going to take at least another week.

Home projects we have learned always take twice as long and cost twice as much and required 100 trips to the closet DIY big box store. It’s a test in patience and long-suffering that we seem never to be prepared for.

Here we are again, waiting to reassemble our home life. What was that I said about speaking life or death? ❤