We tear down arguments and every arrogant obstacle that is raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to make it obey Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:4b-5

Our thoughts can make or break us.

My creative coach, Jill, told me that I needed to switch out what I say. Instead of using the words, “I have to …,” she said, I should say, “I get to … “

It’s a thought process that has been life-changing and life-giving for me. It turns dread on its head. Makes my perspective lighter and brighter.

“I have to” drags up duty, requirements, laws. But “I get to” renders hope, gratitude, and blessing.

I think Christ’s thoughts toward me are loving, encouraging, gracious, merciful, and kind. He is the great changer of “have to” to “get to.” I think he would like for me to change my thought processes to his.

I get to share this with you. ā¤

P.S.: If you want more details about a creative coach, Jill Allison Bryan is the real deal. Check her out on Facebook.