Here’s a little throw-back fiction from my previous blog. I really like this story. I hope you enjoy it. ❤

The storm brewed just on the horizon of her mind. It moved slowly at first, darkening her concentration and making her unfocused. The disquieting breeze began stirring up mental debris, emotional angst until like an Oklahoma twister it overwhelmed her and sucked her up and out of her corner office.

As the haze began clearing from her mind, she snapped out of her reverie to find herself in the office courtyard. Coming into an awareness that was much like waking up, she heard the pitter-patter of the dancing fountain, the squawk of a nearby mockingbird, and the highway traffic a few blocks away.

As she scanned the courtyard, her eyes lit on her reflection in the fountain’s waters. She put a hand to her hair, coming out of its crisp, business-like chignon. She jerked a pen from behind her ear, and pressed her hand down clothes that looked as though she’d slept in them. The storm seemed only to encompass her. 

“Hello there, it’s a lovely day for reflecting, isn’t it?” the older woman said.

“What?” she muttered, rallying a little to notice the small, older woman standing beside her. 

“Are you okay?” the woman inquired. 

“I’m fine. But I don’t know how I got here.”

“Sometimes one does not need to know how she gets to wherever she is,” the wizened woman said. “She only needs to know that she’s there.” 

Taking a step back, she turned a puzzled look at the woman. “I know where I am.” 

“Do you?” the woman asked.

As the day wore on she thought about the inane question. “Do you?” Ruminating on it seemed to calm her, yet mock her at the same time. At the close of the day she turned off her computer and left the building, muttering the question aloud “Do you know where you are?” 

Ridiculous, she scoffed. What kind of question is that anyway?

As she started her old, paid-for-but-still-runs-like-a-dream Mercedes sedan and turned the AC on high, her mind went back through the events of the day. To think that she, one who had planned her life right down to the second wouldn’t know where she was at any given moment was unfathomable.

So, why did the question keep returning to her mind? She was right where she wanted to be. Wasn’t she? She knew that she had mapped out a plan for her life and it was in action. She knew she was on her way. 

She continued to replay the question throughout her workout and all the while, she knew exactly where she was. She even thought she knew as she shopped for a few groceries at the gourmet market.

Suddenly feeling that overwhelming whirlwind begin to kick up again, she came to a standstill in the middle of the aisle and asked a kindly looking middle-aged man if he knew where he was.

“Of course. I’m on aisle 13 between the frozen pizzas and the ice cream in the market on Greenville Avenue, in Dallas, Texas, USA,” he said.

“No, I mean, do you know where you are?”

“I see,” he smiled unpretentiously. “Yes, I know where I am. But I have a feeling you don’t.”

For the second time that day she took a step back and turned a puzzled look, this time toward a man in a suit with a few grey hairs in his brow line. Shaking her head she turned and walked away, but not before she heard him say, “Don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough.”

The short drive home brought her to her modest high rise. Lugging the groceries out of the car and greeting the doorman made her confident that she knew the answer to her troubling question.

She unloaded the groceries and stepped out on the landing to have a cup of warm tea. As she sipped from her granny’s heirloom china cup, the sun began to slowly slip beyond the shadow of the day.

As the blazing orb sank beneath the western horizon, splashes of vibrant color filled the sky. Oranges and purples, reds and yellows burst forth in a fusion of all color as the sun kissed the earth. A glorious masterpiece painted for those who stopped long enough to glance its way.

As the sun’s descent brought twilight, she quickly rose from her lounge chair, gasping. She knew. Inane questions and ruminations stilled as the storm clouds rolled away. She sat back down to enjoy the crystal clear moment, knowing exactly where she was.