This post was originally published back on November 11, 2010, following a women’s retreat at Tyler Street Church.

This weekend the women of our church came together for a single day’s retreat. We learned about organic gardening, faux painting, sauces, relaxing, and yoga. At the end, Sue Duffield, a Christian comedian and singer, led us in worship. We sung along with her songs from the 70s – from all those youth camps that seem so long ago – and laughed along with new songs like “LOL.”

When she sang, “Dependence,” a song written by Josh Nikel and her daughter, Annie, I couldn’t help myself, I envisioned the old Milton Bradley game Operation. So many times when we think about being restored by the God who loves us we envision slap-stick bandages and scars or Frankenstein-like makeovers.

As I listened to the words: 

Beautiful healer, restore this heart
Masterful savior, replace broken parts of me
Merciful provider, lead me by your hand
And wonderful creator with you I will stand
As you make my life anew
I am fully dependent on you.   

annie duffield and Josh nikel, no longer available online.

To get the piece museum ready, a skilled restorer will use precise techniques, small instruments, gentle touches, magnifying glasses to execute and deliver the piece in as much authenticity as it can. It takes time and effort, extreme care to ensure that the work of art is whole again – as intended by the artist. And who would know more about his own creation then the original Creator?  

Yet you, LORD, are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. (Isaiah 64:8

A piece of clay is wholly dependent on the potter to shape it and renew it.  But we can rest assured that God’s not going to get strange sounds or blinking red noses at any point along the way. ❤