“I see Jesus in you,” the man said with a grin.

It startled me. Jesus in me? Really?

I was just doing what I’d been asked to do in a local food pantry that day, filling food orders for different folks with different needs. The order had been mistakenly entered. I thought the man and his wife had driven to the food bank. But they’d taken the bus. The heaping full cart must have been quite a surprise.

‘I can’t carry all that,’ he’d said. 

Mortified, I immediately started problem solving. ‘Oh dear,’ I’d murmured, ‘I thought you had a car. Well, why don’t you take a look in the cart and bags and we’ll lighten the load, and I’ll re-shelve the rest later.’

The man started digging through the sacks and soon the two of us had worked together to create a manageable load for the couple to carry home on the Dallas bus. 

But his remark, ‘I see Jesus in you,’ stuck with me for many days. Do other people really see Jesus in me? I feel so inept at showing Christ’s love. Is it that easy? Just a few hours out of my Saturday, helping folks with a few groceries and making a mistake, and a man who I have never met before says, ‘I see Jesus in you.’ 

The day now is long gone, but I often think about that man’s comment. And I wonder, has anyone seen Jesus in me today? ❤