I had to edit yesterday’s blog post.

The error was to egregious.

It had to be done.

Yet, editing and reediting has been one of the most significant obstacles I have had to overcome as a writer. For some reason, I tend to hoverboard over my writing like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

While I know that all writing is rewriting, I can hover over the “publish” button, rereading and reediting a million times. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve pushed the send button on too many mass emails to have something go wrong or because I’m obsessive compulsive or because I’m fighting perfectionism.

I only know if I don’t hit publish — I likely never will.

And that’s the whole challenge to me for this 365 days of agains. To publish something. Even if I’m wrong, even if my thought isn’t finished, even if there’s a missing comma or too many commas.

There’s a time for publishing. There’s a time for editing. There’s a writing. There’s a time for republishing, rediting, and rewriting.

Now is the time to simply write. ❤